Recent Purchases and Research

Sorry about the gap in posts, but I’ve been busy researching and purchasing items for my prepping needs.  My recent purchases have been; a SOG micron knife, 100 ft of 550 paracord, a Leatherman Wingman multi-tool, Water Bricks, a set of throwing knifes and random food items to test. I will be posting reviews on these items, except for the throwing knifes which will just have posts on me learning how to use them.

Along with all of these purchases I have been doing quite a bit of research.  I have been looking into the maintenance needed on knifes that I purchase.  The methods needed to store water for an extended period of time and also how much water that I need to store.  I have also been researching what I should carry in a bug out bag, in my everyday carry bag, first aid kit and pocket kits.  I will be posting this research in future posts because I have a feeling other people have had a hard time weeding through all the information out there and making it useful in an urban setting.

Until then, happy prepping.


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