The Reason Why

I thought I would give my reasoning to why I prep.  Some people out there may be wondering about why I would prep and others out there may be wondering why I would prep in an urban environment.

The main reason that I decided to prep is that I hate being unprepared, absolutely annoys me.  If you have the time and/or the resources why wouldn’t you want to prepare.  You know at about noon you’re going to be hungry so you either bring a lunch or money to buy lunch to work.  I think of prepping along those longs.  You ask why would I and I will respond with a “why not”.

My next reason is that when stressful situations come about, no matter what they are, when you are a bit prepared the problem is easier to handle and comprehend.  You’ve essentially put yourself a step ahead of the situation so you are better able to act rather than react.

Now onto why I’m prepping in the city, one reason is that I like the city, prepping in a condo does have its issues but what thing in life doesn’t have challenges.  In a few years, my husband and I will move into a house which will give us more space.  We will still be living in the city though.  In the distant future we may get a place outside of the city as a second home but that is not affordable at this moment.  So for now I prep in the city and make it work for me.


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