Recent Purchases and Research

Sorry about the gap in posts, but I’ve been busy researching and purchasing items for my prepping needs.  My recent purchases have been; a SOG micron knife, 100 ft of 550 paracord, a Leatherman Wingman multi-tool, Water Bricks, a set of throwing knifes and random food items to test. I will be posting reviews on these items, except for the throwing knifes which will just have posts on me learning how to use them.

Along with all of these purchases I have been doing quite a bit of research.  I have been looking into the maintenance needed on knifes that I purchase.  The methods needed to store water for an extended period of time and also how much water that I need to store.  I have also been researching what I should carry in a bug out bag, in my everyday carry bag, first aid kit and pocket kits.  I will be posting this research in future posts because I have a feeling other people have had a hard time weeding through all the information out there and making it useful in an urban setting.

Until then, happy prepping.


Getting Started

So if you are like me you are ready to get started on this adventure called prepping, unfortunately some details need to get worked out first.

1) Talk to your spouse or significant other to try to get them on board. If that is not possible tell them so that they at least know where the money is going (this is the category I’m in).  If you don’t have anybody you need to tell, bonus.

2) Inventory what you have; maybe you already have a very good first aid kit or tons of waterproof matches.  Doing this means that you could potentially have one less thing that you need to purchase. You also want to check to see if there is anything that you do have that you will want to upgrade.  Though you should note that if you are still learning how to use an item that you don’t necessarily want the best of the best because while you are learning there is a good chance you will break it.  I’m not saying go all out cheap but shop within reason.

3) Have an idea about where you want to start.  My plan is to start by increasing my food and water stores.  Also you should start somewhat small, unless money isn’t an issue, such as acquiring enough food and water for 72 hours, then a week, a month, a year and so forth. This will, I’m hoping, reduce your chances of getting big glaring holes in you preps.

4) Get you body into some sort of shape. You may wonder what this has to do with prepping but if there zombies behind you, you want to be able to run. This one will be the hardest for me but it’s a major part of prepping in my book.

Now that the plan is set, we get to the fun stuff; making kits and buying knifes 🙂

The Reason Why

I thought I would give my reasoning to why I prep.  Some people out there may be wondering about why I would prep and others out there may be wondering why I would prep in an urban environment.

The main reason that I decided to prep is that I hate being unprepared, absolutely annoys me.  If you have the time and/or the resources why wouldn’t you want to prepare.  You know at about noon you’re going to be hungry so you either bring a lunch or money to buy lunch to work.  I think of prepping along those longs.  You ask why would I and I will respond with a “why not”.

My next reason is that when stressful situations come about, no matter what they are, when you are a bit prepared the problem is easier to handle and comprehend.  You’ve essentially put yourself a step ahead of the situation so you are better able to act rather than react.

Now onto why I’m prepping in the city, one reason is that I like the city, prepping in a condo does have its issues but what thing in life doesn’t have challenges.  In a few years, my husband and I will move into a house which will give us more space.  We will still be living in the city though.  In the distant future we may get a place outside of the city as a second home but that is not affordable at this moment.  So for now I prep in the city and make it work for me.

Preparing for the End

Hello and welcome to the City Survivalist. I’m a new prepper and figured that other people would want to see the progression from a beginner to an advanced one.  This blog will show how a person living in an urban environment goes about preparing for disasters.

I will post about the trials, tribulations and triumphs that come about.  There will also be posts of great resources on the internet.

Feel free to pass along any topic suggests or request.